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Link for GCPS Elementary School Student-Parent Handbook

New Students 
must also come in to the school to bring in the following forms:

  1. An official document showing date of birth

  2. Evidence of vision, hearing, dental, and nutrition screenings obtained in the past year (a current Georgia Form #3300-Rev. 2013)

  3.  A valid certificate of immunization (Georgia Form #3231) 

  4. 2 Proofs of Residency - One utility bill (other than phone) AND one of the following: a non-contingent sales contract, current lease/rental agreement, most recent income tax return, current paycheck stub, current Medicaid card, current residential property tax statement or bill, current warranty or quick claim deed, current home purchase agreement, or current homeowner’s insurance policy, residency affidavit*

  5. Proof of custody or guardianship, if not the birth parent

  6. The child’s social security number (or you may sign a waiver at the school)

  7. A photo ID for the adult registering the child